NACPA Convocation 2021 ~ April 26-28, 2021

We’re excited to announce that NACPA 2021 will be entirely online. This is a landmark meeting on two counts: It is the association’s first all virtual convocation and, secondly, it marks our 50th anniversary — an occasion for celebration and charting a course for the next 50. 

Although NACPA 2021 will be online, we are honored that our host for this historic event is the Archdiocese of Baltimore, the oldest diocese in the United States. Delegates will have a virtual front-row seat to explore the landmarks, legacy and leaders of this beautiful Catholic city. 

NACPA's annual convocation allows members to learn from experts in HR and the world of HR in the Church; from those who have succeeded in creating a better and more prosperous environment, through the field of HR, within their communities. During the three day meeting, delegates will attend uplifting prayer services and a spirited Opening Ceremony; hear from three outstanding Plenary Session speakers; select from 20 compelling workshops; participate in hot topic round tables and welcoming forums as well as post-session and speaker chats.

Our Attendees
  • All who work in HR-related fields for the Church
  • Chancellors
  • Finance Directors / Managers
  • Human Resource Associates
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Pastors
  • Parish Managers / Business Managers
  • Principals / Heads of School
  • Religious Community HR Directors & Associates / Business / Finance Managers 


50th Anniversary Giving Campaign
Plenary Speakers
Complete Program ~ Times & Sessions
Past Convocation Highlights
2020 Virtual Exhibit Hall


Click for Full Convocation Registration

Member $400

Non-Member $585

Option to add unlimited access for your organization to view all three plenary speakers $100

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Non-Members Only $185
*Your colleagues can do this themselves, or if you are doing it for them, you must first log out of your account to access this registration.

Includes 1 Year of Membership!

Enables those new to Church HR to expand their knowledge and connections

Baltimore Principal Registration



Access to

  • 3 Plenaries
  • Access to 24 breakout sessions including roundtable discussions
  • Replay recordings of 23 sessions
  • Exhibit Hall - continued VEH access through 2021
  • Live Prayer
  • Networking session
  • HRCI Accreditation, 11 HR General
  • SHRM Accreditation, 11 PDCs
  • Commemorative Printed Program
  • Closing Lunch Awards "Banquet"

Access to

  • 3 Plenaries
  • 3 breakout sessions
  • Live Exhibit Hall
  • Live Prayer.
  • No accreditation offered.
  • Commemorative Printed Program
  • Includes 1 Year of Individual NACPA Membership.

Access to

  • 3 Plenaries
  • 3 breakout sessions
  • Live Exhibit Hall
  • Live Prayer.
  • No accreditation offered.
  • Commemorative Printed Program


2021 Plenary Speakers 


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Exhibitors and Sponsor Information

Please see our Sponsor Page for complete details regarding Sponsorship Opportunities for NACPA 2021.

Click to Sponsor NACPA 2021 or Give to the 50th Anniversary Campaign without Exhibiting

NACPA 2021 Exhibit Package Includes:

  • Full Exhibit Booth (page) in the 3-day live event with the ability for live, face-to-face conversations, appointment creation and display of full organization information including PDF materials and video.
  • Unlimited number of Representatives at no additional fee
  • Access to Plenary Sessions
  • Access to online events:
       -Exhibit Hall Grand Opening/Half-Hour Happy Hour, Wednesday, April, 21st
       -Opening Ceremonies Monday, April 26, and
       -Closing Awards Ceremony, Wednesday, April 28th. 
  • Continued representation on NACPA's Sponsor page through Convocation 2022
  • Continued representation (full organizational booth/page) in NACPA's 2021 Virtual Exhibit Hall -open to ALL NACPA Members- through December 31, 2021.
Register as a NACPA 2021 Exhibitor and or Sponsor

NACPA 2020 Virtual Exhibit Hall


Schedule Personal Connection times with 20 different vendors offering specific HR resources for those who work in the Church, enter raffles, get to know the right vendor for your HR needs. The Virtual Exhibit Hall will be available to all members through December 31, 2020. 

Click Image Below to Enter - Members Only Access

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NACPA 2020 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsor Only ° Platinum Sponsor **** Gold Sponsor *** Silver Sponsor ** Friend *

Archdiocese of Seattle ***°
Ascension Catholic Church *°
BAS MyEnroll360 ***
Catholic Cemeteries, Archdiocese of Chicago ****°
Catholic Mutual
Christian Brothers Services ****
Compass Child Protection
Gallagher ***
Investing for Catholics
MassMutual **
Paycor, Inc.
Paylocity **
PrimePay **
Reta Trust
Sterling Wellness Solutions
SGIA Medicare Consulting
USI **
Villanova University ***

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Convocation 2020 Virtual Exhibit Hall

Read the Letter from NACPA President regarding NACPA 2020 Convocation

The NACPA 2020 Virtual Exhibit Hall was created to accommodate our members by providing you with the convocation vendor resources and relationships while committing you to as little time and effort as possible away from your numerous duties. We feel the initial two-week, kick-off of the VEH was a successful venture as you can see by the numbers below. 

We hope that you have found it helpful and if you have yet to experience it, we hope you find comfort in knowing that when you have the ability to reach out to new partners, that those partners and their solutions are waiting for you, at your fingertips, at your own convenience. 

We would like, again, to thank Archbishop Gregory Aymond, of the Archdiocese of New Orleans and NACPA's Episcopal Moderator, for his blessing over our members and his words of hope and grace during the Half-Hour Happy Hour and each of the VEH Sponsors (below) and Exhibitors for their time, talents and continued support and commitment to NACPA Members.

We would like to remind you that the VEH is available to access by all NACPA Members through December 31, 2020. Appointments continue to be available at your convenience.

We hope you will continue to visit, learn and craft new relationships with the 20 vendors and their resources, and please take the opportunity to view Keith Friede's Planned 2020 Plenary Session: Engaging the Whole Person in our Workplaces.

All of us at NACPA thank you for your continued hard work and diligent efforts to your community and towards pursuing justice in the workplace. 

NACPA 2020 VEH By the Numbers
Number of Vendors 20
Number of Resources Available from all Vendors 79
Number of Raffles 6
Total Visits to the VEH main page: 1039
Total Visits to all 20 Vendors:  2113
Grand Opening Half-Hour, Happy-Hour attended/viewed by: 146


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 Convocation 2017 Nashville


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