HR Primer Certificate For Those in the Church Workplace

This certificate program is intended for parish and school personnel
tasked with HR responsibilities.

Human resource responsibilities are growing more complex in the Catholic Church workplace today. HR directors have limited personnel and resources to support the increased needs throughout their arch/dioceses.

Often the individuals in the parishes and schools who must address these issues have not had the opportunity to learn the fundamentals that will assist them in the ever-changing world of regulations. At the same time, the professionals in these positions have limited time to attend classes in person to gain the knowledge that will enhance their work and ministry.

To address this growing need, NACPA (the National Association of Church Personnel Administrators) is offering a new, totally online series of six 90-minute weekly online classes which has been designed to meet the needs of parish and school personnel.

Partnering with the diocesan HR director, NACPA will customize the classes
to conform to diocesan needs and priorities.

“Thank you for organizing this excellent HR workshop. It has been very beneficial and something all administrators should learn more about.”

This certificate program addresses key human resources disciplines, geared to our Catholic workplace. Participants will learn basic principles and benefit from structured discussions and case studies. The professors teaching the course are leading human resource leaders with a proven record in Church HR.

POSSIBLE TOPICS: (sample list below may be customized for the diocese.)

  • Course Overview: HR in the Church
  • Pastoral Foundations for HR in the Church
  • Fair Labor Standards (HR Challenges)
  • Recruitment
  • Interview Skills
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Relations

A certificate from NACPA will be conferred upon the successful
completion of the course.

“The classes have been very informative, and I have made a binder with all of the handouts. Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity!”

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The Archdiocese of Miami share their
positive experiences with the HR Primer Certificate

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Regina Haney, Ed.D., Executive Director, 571-551-6064, [email protected] 

Once you’ve decided to offer the program, this additional flyer is a template that can be customized (date, fees and topics) by you for distribution in your arch/diocese.

(Click image for a printable PDF)