Call for Speakers for NACPA 2022

Submit your Application by September 15, 2021

Share your specific Church HR knowledge and experience with NACPA members at NACPA Convocation 2022, Taking it to New Heights: Justice in the Workplace, May 1-3, 2022 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The convocation will be held at the Hotel Albuquerque in Old Town.

The workshop, breakout speaker schedule for NACPA 2022 will run from Monday, May 2, at 11 AM, local time - Tuesday, May 3, at 3 PM.

The schedule will include two Plenary and 16 workshop, breakout sessions as well as 4 Roundtables (discussion lead, no speakers needed). We are only requesting workshop, breakout speakers at this time.

All speakers are expected to register for NACPA 2022 themselves, and to book their own hotel arrangements when the room block is released in the fall. These prices will be released shortly.

Convocation Overview

NACPA's annual convocation allows members to learn from experts in HR and the world of HR in the Church; from those who have succeeded in creating a better and more prosperous environment, through the field of HR, within their communities. During the three-day meeting, delegates attend a spirited Opening Ceremony, uplifting prayer services, and networking opportunities. They will hear from outstanding Plenary speakers; select 4 compelling workshops from a choice of 16; participate in a hot topic round table (out of 4), welcoming forums, as well as post-session and speaker chats, and will be able to meet face-to-face with vendors specific to the fields of HR and HR within the Catholic Church.

Our Attendees

  • All who work in HR-related fields for the Church
  • Chancellors
  • Finance Directors / Managers
  • Human Resource Associates
  • Human Resource Directors
  • Pastors
  • Parish Managers / Business Managers
  • Principals / Heads of School
  • Religious Community HR Directors & Associates / Business / Finance Managers 

Submission Process

Click here to complete the Application by September 15, 2021. Once logged in you should be able to leave the form and return to it without losing any data.

Please email a headshot to [email protected] after you have completed your submission.

Speakers will be notified by October 1, 2021.

Speaker Requirements

Persons who work within or have specific knowledge of Church Human Resources or secular Human Resource fields.

If you are from a new HR vendor please site Arch/diocesan and or Church communities that you have worked with as references. Those presenting from a vendor/HR services organization are not allowed to utilize the presentation as an advertisement of your services. It must be a presentation that is general to the topic, though relevant to your organization/practices.

Members and Non-Members of NACPA are welcome to submit speaking proposals on issues and topics that you have traversed and now wish to impart your trials and successes with your fellow community.

Session Topics

Among other Church HR and HR related topics, for 2022 we are specifically interested in providing more information to our members regarding the following issues.

  • Hybrid Workplaces: Performance Reviews, How to Address Employee Concerns Regarding Returning to the Workplace: What to do When Employees Aren't Workforce Ready, The Future of the Workplace: Hybrid/All Office/Virtual
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Culture of Health and Wellness, Addressing the Mental Needs of Your Employees
  • Working with Different Generations in the Workplace, Attracting newer generations, Youth Ministry
  • How to Evaluate an RFP for Benefits

Presentation Format

All breakout, workshop sessions for 2022 will run 1 HR and 30 Minutes with the final 15 - 20 minutes of that time reserved for Q&A.

Rooms will be set up with classroom-like seating, but presentations can include interactive participation with the attendees and/or group breakouts if needed.

Rooms will be setup with projectors able to connect with your laptop/tablet, a podium and a head speaker table. Physical handouts are not necessary but most appreciated. The main NACPA office cannot print and bring speaker handouts. We will ask for a digital copy of any of your materials to be displayed on an Attendee Only Speaker Material webpage.

Speakers are welcome to present with a co-speaker. If you would like to present as a panel and have co-panelists in mind, please include this information in your submission. If you do not have co-panelists in mind, please reflect that and we will see if there are others who would like to present on the panel.